Modern Chic Abode

Lifestyle merge with creative planning gives the layout of the apartments a non clutter approached to daily life. Inconspicuous storage to fully maximise premium space for individual aspirations.

More time to enjoy a restful me time , less time on chores.

Modern Contemporary

Modern Lines Expression

Line works does best to mask door seams to present an alternative view for aesthetic , how’s that for killing 2 birds with 1 stone, hidden storage. Thats what we call creative cost effective solution.

Clean lines with mix rustic contemporary

Full storage with feature door panel design to conceal all clutter, keeping home neat and tidy all the time. High bench for breakfast table and allow more light into the kitchen.

Cosy setting to bedroom with ambience lighting selection. Easy access to light switches and power outlets at bed side.

Where is the door to store room? Concealed door panel with glass and mirror finish. extend the narrow passage with expanse of space.

Luxury Contemporary

Go for timeless classical

Industrial Rustic

Modern Scandinavian

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